Feb 2, 2015

Living Well Spending Zero...

We had a good thing going for awhile.

After admitting our struggle to communicate each other's daily expenditures, my hubby and I decided that what would work best for us would be separate checking accounts.

As a SAHM, I received a monthly allowance from him. With that amount, I had a little bit of freedom for my free-spirit (aka Amazon & Walmart) & could also get some of our grocery essentials.

Since the holidays though, I haven't been very organized with this... so I decided that this month required drastic action...

= We are on a 1 month spending freeze (eek!)

We will be following Ruth Soukup's layout as best we can (click here) & then adjusting it to fit our needs. The biggest thing will be to use what we already have (food/toiletries) & then purchasing only necessities & things on sale at the grocery store. We need to pay our bills of course, but we'll be extra vigilant to not waste electricity or water. Another thing I decided was that I would make homemade bread instead of us having to constantly purchase it.

As for my random expenditures on decor, books, etc. = that's 100% o-u-t (I might shed a tear)...

Our greatest motivation for this is to save money for our upcoming adoption.We are fundraising & hope to apply for grants, but we are also going to save up as much as we possibly can on our own.

"Lord we need your strength & guidance as we seek to be frugal in February. Continually remind us of what truly matters in life & how having the ability to purchase 'wants' is a privilege, not a right. Slay any root of selfishness in our hearts & make this the beginning of a positive change in our lives. In Your precious name, Amen."

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