Jan 4, 2015

Overcoming Discontentment in 2015... (with free To Do List)

If there's one thing I know I need to work on, it's getting & KEEPING our home truly organized.

What do I mean by organized? Well, in the past that looked like buying more bins to hide all my excess clutter & quickly stashing our mess in rooms we don't use before company came over... but I'm finally beginning to accept the fact that there's "probably" a better way to go about this...

In some ways, I feel like it's not 100% my fault that I tend to accumulate stuff. Our society is SO full of materialism, greed, & really just an overall state of discontentment. 

Just the fact that I have a home to live in, food in my fridge, & clean water to drink makes me wealthier than the majority of others in this world. The fact that I need something like a "storage room" in my house means I also have many things that I don't need or even USE on a regular basis! 

I believe that we (as women especially) are bombarded with a message that we don't quite measure up to the standards of this world. We feel like if we just get the latest & greatest tech, we'll be accepted. If we have those $200 jeans, we'll be beautiful. If we get that awesome living room set or print or rug, our home will finally be complete, but it's never enough! There's always something else that will pop up & remind us of all that we lack... 

Honestly, I've always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder toward those who love & live for "shopping"... 

Why? - Well you see, "shopping" to me means going to the mall and making large purchases on things like shoes or purses or clothing. It's also a favorite word used by some to go window shopping and literally "look for" things to spend your money on... .

Side Note: Have you ever heard that sometimes the thing in others that irritates you the most is likely something you yourself struggle with? It's like... they're showing you your ugly.... weeeelll......

Even though I may not drop hundreds of dollars in the mall on the latest fashions, I myself DO get sucked into the trap of "mindless shopping" in places like Walmart or on amazon.com where I end up making multiple small unnecessary purchases. These seemingly small purchases eventually catch up with me and get me into big trouble with our finances... and only add to the clutter issues in our home.

Speaking of clutter... what do I do with all the clutter in our home? I've decided on a game plan consisting of 3 basic steps: 

#1) Discard/donate things that we haven't used (or worn) in the past year.
Take photos of nostalgic items that I want to remember, but don't need to stash.

#2) Go on a "spending freeze" during this purging season. 
Don't purchase any 'wants' (like decor) - only 'needs' (like food!)

#3) Take it one room at a time, one day at a time & "eventually" each room will be decluttered & organized. Everything needs to have a 'home' aka a place to go.

While our home is going through this decluttering & organizing overhaul, I'll also need to focus on my own bad habits with "mindless shopping" (bringing in more clutter) as well as "random acts of laziness" (like not putting things away once I'm done with them). 

All of the above will assist with my goal of eventually being able to just daily speed-clean our home for 15-20 minutes daily instead of letting everything get so out of hand that it takes days or weeks to get any semblance of order back.

Last year I was lacking in the "focus" department & got really into daily "To-Do Lists" & tried really hard to find the perfect one for me!

Even though there were a ton of beautifully made ones online, I eventually just had to make my own. Daily was too much paper/work and I didn't feel crafty enough to whip up a dry-erase version so a weekly to-do list is what worked best for me. I only made room for 3 things because they'd be the really big important things that HAD to get done no matter what - not all the extra things that just made me feel bad when I didn't have enough time to complete them.

There's also a room/chore listed by each day - that just means you can deep clean or make sure those spaces are kept on top of on a weekly basis. Then there's a space where you can list someone you stopped and prayed for and something that made you smile that day (to practice an appreciation for the little things in life & to be a blessing to others).

This year I also hope to make memorizing scripture a priority. Even though our 4 year old can't read yet, I know she's able to memorize ("Let it go" lyrics anyone?!?) so we're starting with John 3:16 & we'll keep this verse up until she can say it by memory, then we'll move on to a new verse. I'm personally working on memorizing the book of James with the help of www.scripturetyper.com :)

If you're able to implement this weekly To Do List, please by all means save it and print it and enjoy! If not, go crazy and make one that works for you! It's actually pretty easy to do in Excel. Feel free to email me if you want an editable version or something & I'll try to figure that out ;)
** safe-at-home@hotmail.com

Another thing that has already been a huge help as I begin this new venture in contentment & organization is a book entitled "Living Well, Spending Less" by: Ruth Soukup 

Another awesome book is "Women Living Well" by Courtney Joseph
(both are amazing christian women/role-models w/ awesome blogs) 

Be blessed!

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