Jan 29, 2015

The Grace Card...

I wasn't prepared for that phone-call.

Have you ever experienced a call that completely threw you? Maybe it was really bad news or an unwanted reminder of your past? Yeah... I wasn't very impressed with the experience either :(

What do we do, as Christians, when we are forced to face our demons? You know, those lovely ungodly feelings reserved for extra special moments? Anger... shame... fear...??

It quickly turned into a very bad day...

Jan 17, 2015

My Secret To The Good Life... Inspired by "Living Well Spending Less" by: Ruth Soukup

After reading a book entitled, "Living Well Spending Less: 12 secrets of the good life" by: Ruth Soukup I was reminded of something I intuitively knew deep down in my soul, but desperately needed to be reminded of.

Jan 11, 2015

Words Hurt (the truth about bullying)...

I can remember, as a child, saying this phrase after somebody would say something unkind to me or to one of my friends, "sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!" 

I don't remember who taught me this phrase. All I remember is that saying it made me feel like I gave that person a slam right back... even though what they said DID hurt... a lot.

Jan 5, 2015

How Do You Define Wealth...?

Many in the western world would consider a person "wealthy" by the job they have or by the value of their possessions. 

Us middle-classers generally don't consider someone wealthy unless they drive brand new cars, have a huge house, or go on trips to warmer places on a regular basis. A family from a 3rd world country, however, would likely view another as wealthy if they could afford to feed their family or send their children to school.

I'm continually reminded of how easy it is to equate this word with our finances or by all the things we own, but as I'm growing in my ability to be grateful for all I already have & to appreciate the simple things in life... wealth has taken on a new meaning for me...

Jan 4, 2015

Overcoming Discontentment in 2015... (with free To Do List)

If there's one thing I know I need to work on, it's getting & KEEPING our home truly organized.

What do I mean by organized? Well, in the past that looked like buying more bins to hide all my excess clutter & quickly stashing our mess in rooms we don't use before company came over... but I'm finally beginning to accept the fact that there's "probably" a better way to go about this...