Sep 23, 2013

Why Women Dress Inappropriately...?

It is really quite unfortunate when someone thinks so little of themselves... that they find it appropriate to show off whatever could potentially cause lust in a man's heart...just to acquire compliments and feel a little bit better about themselves, in the moment... 

The reason why I feel women dress inappropriately is based on one of 3 possible scenarios:

1. Low self-esteem = They are looking to attract attention & find a sense of self-worth

2. Pride = They're quite certain they're gorgeous and see no reason why they shouldn't flaunt themselves

3. Total ignorance = They don't realize that the way they dress actually affects others - they are just trying to be "fashionable"
Interestingly enough, someone could have an odd mix of a couple or even all of these traits at the same time.

I just wish all women truly understood God's heart for them... 

...that their worth is not found in getting men to drool over them! It has nothing to do with wearing the latest fashion or having the perfect earrings to match their new dress! It has nothing to do with shoes or purses or hairstyles or surgeries! It has NOTHING to do with what this guy or that guy thinks of your curves, or lack thereof...

I wish women knew that they are deeply loved and cherished just exactly the way that they are... as they were created by the Creator of the earth & heavens above! He sees their beauty (or lack of beauty), not by evaluating how thin or fashionable they are... but by their hearts.

Ask God today to show you what "HE" thinks about you. Does "HE" find you beautiful? Does "HE" think you have some things to work on? Does "HE" miss spending time with you? I'd encourage you to reorganize your priorities and spend more of your time (daily) healing your heart instead of covering up any perceived flaws with makeup or the latest fashions... 

(note: my heart is not to condemn you for doing what you like to make yourself feel lovely, but to remind you that your heart is much more important than how you look on the outside) Bless you!

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