May 11, 2013

What is there to give thanks for when your niece has leukemia...?


It's interesting how I initially asked myself this question, assuming there'd now be nothing to give God thanks for because... if someone I loved was suffering... He was no longer worth trusting & therefore there was nothing I should thank Him for.... BUT I quickly realized that it wouldn't be possible for me to deny the power of God in my own life & His ability to redeem any situation... so my perspective quickly changed!

Ironically, since May 1st when my niece was diagnosed with leukemia (May 2nd they found it's ALL leukemia) I've found that I'm thankful for even MORE than I was before this terrible diagnosis! It's all in perspective I think (& God's grace)... 

  • I'm thankful for the incredible medical advances that are quickly healing a little body that, years ago, weren't possible! 
  • I'm thankful when we visit and she's in a great mood! 
  • This may sound selfish, but I'm extra grateful for my husband's, daughter's, and even my own good health! 
  • I'm thankful for the close bond between my niece and child... seeing my daughter love & support her friend & enjoying how they seem to cheer each other up just brightens my day! 
  • I'm thankful for each morning... each new day I am given to do life a little better than the day before & love my family & others extravagantly! 
I continue to realize how every moment, every BREATH is a precious gift from God... and that life should not be taken for granted! Do the fearful thoughts and 'what ifs' creep in now and then? Of course! Yet I know that God is good, He is still worthy of my trust, He loves this little girl more than we could ever fathom, & I am going to continue giving thanks & seeking HIS face throughout this journey... because we already know WE can't control anything... obviously if it were up to us we would NEVER allow this to happen to anyone, but God has everything under control. 

He knows our needs & has promised to be there for us no matter what life throws our way and there's no one I need on my side more right now... than Him.

(Niece on left - Daughter on right)

"Lord we thank you & praise you for Your goodness & mercy in the midst of a difficult situation. Thank you for the continued positive reports & loving support & prayers from the community! Bless this precious family, draw them closer together, & draw them closer to You. Show us how we can serve those around us who are in need. Not just those right in front of our faces, but people in our city - our state - our world! Amen." 

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