Apr 2, 2013

Salvation is a Gift... (+ recommended reading)

I'm not 'better' than you...

I've done PLENTY of things wrong... I don't deny my past sins or the mistakes I will make today.

The only 'edge' I might have (that any christian has), is Jesus Christ - who covers all sins!!! 

It was a gift freely given! Free for me and free for you (John 3:16). 

God doesn't send people to hell... people send themselves there by rejecting Him. 

Only God can judge where people go - there's a big book with names in it and I want everyone's to be in it... unfortunately many will not be.

All that is required to receive this free, precious gift is to ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins, believe what He did for you, and as you grow in your relationship with Christ you will automatically become more & more like Him - loving, serving, helping, & healing in His name... 

We are not saved by our works, but by His grace (Ephesians 2:8). Good works come from a desire to love others, which is what Jesus taught us to do. 

We can not 'earn' our salvation or His acceptance, it is a gift... just ask for it!

I could never deny the existence of God... I have too much evidence FOR Him! I've witnessed & experienced miracles, heard countless testimonies of His grace and goodness, learned of His great comfort during friend's times of tragedy, and even heard people close to me share about their very real experiences of heaven after they died and were brought back... and God showing a christian man hell because so many of His followers don't believe it's a real place... 

God is VERY real & VERY excited for you to acknowledge Him and live like His sacrifice was worth it!

(He sure thought it was)

Below are some books I have enjoyed that refer to real-life experiences of Heaven, angels, & hell. 

Saved By Angels: This is the true story of a man who was crushed by the semi he was rolled under while repairing it... he tells us about seeing 2 angels kneeling beside him, with their hands under the semi... protecting him. The author of the 'Saved by Angels' book (Bruce) prayed over my husband and I for healing from infertility and we had our precious baby girl in our arms within 10 months... God is so good! Bruce and his family are now in full-time ministry sharing his story and teaching others how they 2 can pray for others for complete healing. Visit his ministry website here: http://www.sweetbreadministries.com/


23 Minutes in Hell: I have read this book, heard the speaker in person, & listened to his audio explanation several times. The horror he experienced when God showed him hell... because many of His people don't believe it is a real place... is explained in such a way that you kind of get over the idea that you're 'offending' people by living & sharing your faith... it becomes quite apparent that nothing worse could ever happen to anyone apart from experiencing 3 seconds in hell, let alone an eternity... Visit the author's ministry site here: 
http://www.soulchoiceministries.org/ (his book entitled 'hell' is also very informative and answers some of the questions '23 minutes in hell' brings up)

Heaven is For Real (4 kids!): I originally read the book 'Heaven is for Real' and later found a kids version so I could go through it with my toddler. It's a true story about a young boy who gets very sick and actually dies and experiences heaven before opening his eyes back on earth again. It was written by his father, but he only articulates what his son shared with him. The kids version has beautiful pictures commissioned by the boy who saw heaven, and verses and encouragement for those curious about heaven. I believe there may even be a movie in the making based on this as well! Visit their ministry site here: http://heavenisforreal.net/ 

"Lord open our hearts to your truth, amen."

What about you? What have been some of your favorite faith-building reads or films?

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