Apr 3, 2013

Enjoy the fresh air in April...

In April my goal is to enjoy the fresh air outside as it continues to warm up!

Spring is just so exciting. Signs of new life will soon be everywhere, the windows will open, Sarah can run around without looking like a pastel-colored marshmallow, and I have no more excuses for staying cooped up indoors! 

When you struggle with laziness and not getting enough sleep at night... the LAST thing you want to do during the cold months is go outside and run around with your toddler (so sad!), but with the nice weather arriving (and Sarah being all too aware of it) I'm excited to just get out there & enjoy the beauty and blessing of living in a small, safe town... as well as having a yard to play in & a precious little girl to explore & giggle with!

Along with this I hope Steve and I will start training a little for the 5k we will be a part of mid-June, which is called Color Vibe! We're taking Sarah with, so we're ALL going to strive for more fitness fun together as a family.

(Today on our walk, Sarah started a cute game of 'I'm gonna get you!' as she jogged behind me trying to 'catch' me & hug my leg and giggle after I ran past her with her cousin in the stroller)

= It was so precious and SO FUN!! 
She encourages me to 'get moving' :)

Oh, and just for kicks here are a few ways to have fun with your toddler outside:

"Lord remind us to enjoy the beautiful weather when we have it. Help us remember to enjoy each day we're given by making precious memories with our family, amen."

How about you? How do you and your family enjoy nice days?

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