Mar 18, 2013

Remembering Easter is a lifestyle, not just a holiday...

With Easter on the way very soon (less than 2 weeks away) I have been considering something... ya know how some people decorate their homes right after Thanksgiving and keep them up well into January?? Family events are spread throughout the weeks at the end of the year? The 'Christmas spirit' along with all the repetitive music blares from speakers wherever you go for at least a whole month?? 

Now, don't get me wrong here, our Savior coming to earth as a defenseless baby and going through all the same temptations we experience throughout life and yet was without sin is INCREDIBLY important... but how can we celebrate His birth more than Him dying for us... more than His resurrection?! 

I decided that:

A. Easter should receive as much hurrah, if not more, than Christmas - I would definitely say it is my favorite holiday... regardless of the day it falls on... it is the single most meaningful event that, I feel, has ever happened... ever!

B. This 'holiday' should be celebrated year-round. Every single day - every day of the year. Why? Because if you are a christian, this is the event that causes us to receive forgiveness and have the hope of eternity with Christ in heaven. How? We celebrate it daily by having a continual awareness of what He did for us & living life as if we believe His sacrifice was worth the effort to live life honoring Him.

C. For this reason, regular communion should be taken with an 'actual' attitude of remembrance - not just another thing you do at church. For YEARS I have gone through the motions with this & finally came to the understanding that His death, His blood, truly covers my sins - He was the final sacrifice - He was perfect & without blame & He died... for you, for me, for the homeless man on the street... so that we ALL could receive His free gift of salvation & grace. When we allow ourselves to struggle or fear or continually do things that don't bless His heart - we spit in His face. Believe me, I understand struggles that happen on a daily basis... but acknowledge that they exist, don't go it alone, and remember that Jesus isn't just there on Christmas & Easter - He is alive and able to reach all of us by His Holy Spirit. 

Pray (speak to Him & ask Him to speak to you through whatever means necessary), read your bible, go to church, hang out with positive christian influences & dig-in to all God has for you! Don't miss this... 

"Lord help us to remember You, what You did, & all You gave so that we might live a victorious life & spend eternity with you after we breathe our last on this earth. You are coming back someday, may we be ready - may we help others become & stay ready. This is why we are here... for You. Amen"

* To learn more about what 'His blood' covers, just click here to read that post!

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