Mar 3, 2013

Measuring Meals in March...

Last month's get Fit in February was a huge success!! I got 5 workouts per week in of Turbofire (followed the accompanying calendar) - will have to get back to you on my progress whether I lost any weight or inches... cuz my results ran away (but I'm taking more pictures in the morning as well as measurements so perhaps I will be able to see a difference?). Anyways, I know I'm still not at my best so it's necessary to take a look at my nutrition...

My wonderful beachbody coach (& old friend) Sarah offered a clean(er) eating group for those interested through the month of March! There will be:
  • Accountability with daily check-ins. Will share whether I went under or over in my suggested caloric intake per day as well as if I'm getting my workouts in. I'll be counting calories (my cereal said 1 serving was 3/4 cup... that didn't even fill half my bowl so I'm going to look closer at my portions and eat small meals throughout the day to keep my system moving)
  • Continuing with my fast (so glad I already gave mnt dew up or I'd be crying!) - I will only be drinking water & wine for communion now and then... BUT I am adding in a daily chocolate shakeology! Thought I'd give it a try and see if it gives me a little boost to get through my exercises as well as help me stay energized throughout the day. I have found I enjoy it blended in my mom's nutribullet with a banana and some peanut butter and milk :)
  • I also am really going to try and cut out my sugary snacks (*whimper*) since giving up pop has caused me to crave sugar like crazy (interesting... addiction much?) but I know this will be good for me & will  be worth it in the long run. 
  • Sarah also has some food/snack options she's giving us for being a part of her group. Hopefully this will help me stop buying so many things that come out of a box! It's just going to be a month of really being careful about what I'm putting into my temple, basically ;)
If you want to check out my coach's fun/informative blog visit: 

Just so we're clear, my goal isn't necessarily to lose weight, but to gain energy... I will say though = I would LOVE to experience a flat tummy if that's possible for me ;) my little pooch annoys me and I think it's from my sugar addiction (haha) so we'll see what happens! Oh yeah... Steve and I signed up to run in a 5k called Color Vibe where you get powdered paint thrown at you throughout the run. This will take place in Sioux Falls in June & I am SO excited to experience this with my family! Love that we're all getting healthy together!!!

(Lord I ask that you would open our eyes to any foods or drinks or other addictions we may run to when stressed or emotional or bored instead of turning to You for comfort & guidance. Show us that these habits are harming us, not helping. Amen)

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