Mar 30, 2013

Easter Family Tradition Ideas...

I've been thinking a lot about family traditions. Ever since Sarah was born actually! Of course when she was a baby it was hard for us to incorporate a whole lot, but we've continued to wonder what we would like our children to remember when thinking about how we celebrated certain things...

Well, we've added something in for Easter! 

This year we decided to celebrate by giving gifts! : ) 

Easter is always on a Sunday... and since I already feel our appreciation for what was done for us on Easter should be celebrated year-round... a week of gifts didn't sound too far-fetched. So, starting on Monday Sarah was given 1 gift per day and she gets her big Easter basket on Easter Sunday. 

The gifts don't have to be huge. They don't even all have to have something to do with Easter! She just gets so excited about opening presents from us and we love to bless her! We have given her small toys, snacks, and even a pair of pajamas... the point is the symbolism behind her receiving a gift, which we remind her of before opening each one (she's a toddler figuring out who Jesus is). 

We ask, 'Why do we celebrate Easter?' to which she always replies, 'Jesus!' - I then remind her that our family gives each other gifts to remember the gift Jesus gave us... which is the opportunity to be forgiven for the things we've done wrong and to live with Him in heaven someday forever! 

I don't think she really grasps 'life' & 'death' at this point, but I'm ok with not explaining death for a little while longer... just so she understands that Jesus loves her : ) 

We also gave her a Veggie Tales movie & a book called 'The Three Trees' which I would highly recommend! I debated if it wasn't a little advanced and long for her, but wanted it in our library for later anyways. To my surprise & joy, she paid attention to every word and was really taking in the pictures in the book (she's 2 1/2).

Some of our Easter Traditions:
  • daily gifts for one week (also got something for my hubby for Easter)
  • resurrection eggs (going through a toddler version with her & the rest of the kids at church Easter morning)
  • a resurrection garden (have supplies, might add soil and grass seed... still debating, but it's our own little 'empty tomb' garden)
  • participating in our town's Easter egg hunt
  • attend all available church services throughout the week (maundy thursday, good friday, sunrise service Easter morning... and remember to talk about it after to make sure she understands why we attend these and what they mean)

"Lord guide us in the best way to celebrate You with our family on 'special' days and everyday, amen."

What about you? How do you celebrate Easter with your kids?

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