Feb 9, 2013

How I'm fitting fitness & other healthy habits into my life...

I started 'Turbofire' workout videos & am trying to drink more water this month - the videos I ordered came with a calendar that takes me through what workouts to do 6 days a week for the next 3 months. If I workout tomorrow I will have gotten my 6 in for the week and here's what I'm noticing so far: 
  • I have more energy after I workout (It'd be great if I could always workout early in the morning, but if not then at least early afternoon during Sarah's nap. I've noticed if I squeak it in late at night after Sarah goes to bed it makes me feel all hyped up and I can't sleep!).
  • I feel much stronger (There has been soreness, but each time I do a workout I can do it better and with more intensity so that's a major plus!).
  • I sleep better (As long as my workout was earlier in the day, plus I wake up feeling much more refreshed instead of groggy and having to force myself out of bed!).
Getting fit in February for me is mostly focusing on 'working out' which naturally encourages me to drink more water - it's all you want when you're gasping for air!!! The food I eat hasn't changed a whole lot yet apart from I'm trying to eat more often, something small every few hours if possible (and with the energy I have I've noticed I eat more anyways). January was when I made the shift with my sleeping schedule (started out pretty strict & now the consistency/groove of it is that I go to bed when Steve does or at least before midnight and I'm up when Sarah wakes up). There's room for improvement, but I'm highly motivated to not allow myself to get as bad as I was - caffeine, too much water, or even working out late at night affects the quality of my sleep so I try to be aware of that). Making quiet times with God more of a priority began in January as well (seems silly that I have to plan it, but somehow I'd forget and wonder why I had such a bad day... it needs to START with God - oftentimes at the end of the day I take a moment to make a list of things I'm thankful for - or 'gifts' from God. The list is already over 100! If I'm having a 'down' moment I just start reading through my list & before long my perspective changes for the better - it's very therapeutic for the soul...)

My goal is to try something new monthly - I know I can't go crazy with these 'betterment' changes or I'll burn out. I have a new goal each month so I have that whole month to get my groove and form a new habit before introducing something else. For all I know March is going to be my attempt to simply remove pop from my diet or greatly lessen it... just to make the effort and go slow with healthy food choices. I haven't decided yet what next month's goal is going to be. February has gone great so far and I'm enjoying working out, it's fun when Steve joins in as well & hilarious when Sarah says 'let's exercise!' - I want Sarah to see our good habits at a young age so it's not foreign to her as she grows up.

Note: As you can see from the photo below my major goal with working out is not weightloss. If I tone up that's fine, but basically I live a very sedentary lifestyle and my energy has taken a major toll from this - my motivation is: I want to be able to keep up with my crazy beautiful lively toddler. Make healthy changes at a pace you can keep up with - don't burn yourself out. The goal is not to 'diet' or take a crash course on anything, but to make positive lifelong changes that will improve the quality of your life. Blessings to you!

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