Jan 9, 2013

You really are 'Captivating'...

I'm watching a bible study on youtube based off the book 'captivating' which I read years ago... but it just made me think:

I notice Sarah, at only 2 years old, how she loves to dress pretty and put on necklaces and bracelets and even put on chapstick & have her nails painted and will just smile and smile as we compliment her and affirm to her how beautiful she is... but what she doesn't yet realize (and perhaps what many adult women don't yet realize) is that it's not her outer appearance that makes her truly beautiful or lovable or worth other's time... it's her beautiful heart, reflected in how she treats others - that empathy and care she shows when she thinks someone is hurt or even cold. How polite & gentle she is... you can just look into her eyes and know - this is a beautiful, PRECIOUS child of God ♥

Because of who she is, how she treats you, & the simple fact that God made her = she is captivating, beautiful, & oh so perfect!

(So are you, flaws and all)

A challenge to those of you with daughters (moms and especially you dads out there!) - Be aware of your little girl... did she just get her nails painted? Is she refusing to take off that crown? Is she standing within eyesight of you holding her skirt and twirling it a bit? ...I promise you she's waiting for you to respond! Don't miss it... TELL HER VERBALLY how beautiful she is, even if you think she is all the time - notice when she's trying to tell you that she needs to hear you say it! This is so important for her to be content in who she is as a little girl and will help her understand her identity as an adult as well... speaking of adults - tell your spouse they're beautiful/handsome 2 ;)

Yes, it's very important for us to know how God sees us - but parents have a job to do in helping their child grow and be affirmed as well...

The online study of 'Captivating':

(Lord may we find our true worth in You, but remember to affirm others & build them up as well. We don't always realize how our words build others up. Remind us, amen."

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