Jan 14, 2013

There's always time for snuggles...

This morning I attempted to start my day outside the norm and put a movie on for Sarah while I worked on my own thing on the other side of the room... but she wasn't about to let that happen - she knows that EVERY morning we snuggle together and watch cartoons... so instead of watching cartoons, she came over and sat down on my lap with no entertainment in sight... she obviously appreciates the time & snuggles with her momma more than watching a movie.

I apologized to her and quit what I was doing and sat on the couch with her so we could watch Barney. I wrapped my arm around her and she nestled into me to get cozy... what else could be more important than this??? Choose to spend your time wisely & spend as much of it with your family as possible! You will never get this day back...

"Lord remind us to enjoy the precious time we have with our little ones, amen."

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