Jan 28, 2013

Planning To Get Fit In February...!!!

Decided I'm going to 'Get Fit in February!!!' I ordered TurboFire from beachbody (like the remix dance version of insanity) and am so pumped to get started - I already admire the progress my friend/coach Sarah Failla has made over the past few years in her commitment to exercise and nutrition. (Learn more about Sarah and her journey here: http://fullyengagedmom.com/about-sarah)

I started out the year really focusing on my commitment to my spiritual and emotional health (which is really a great place to start I'd say!). I spend time with God & am in the bible daily, I plan out my day to stay focused and make sure I complete what needs to be done, and my sleep schedule has improved astronomically! Now it's time to get serious about my physical well-being with excercise :) To make this a lifelong habit I need to 'get moving' daily, but since turbofire is so intense I'm going to shoot for 4-5 days a week of that & still do some low-key stuff on my 'off-days.'

I'm really excited to see how this makes me feel as I've never been at my best physically, but I'm very motivated to try! :D Just the little bit that I've been doing daily the past few days has made me feel so much better - I feel stronger, I sleep better, and it's fun to giggle with Sarah (my daughter) as she tries to join in...

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